May Our Days Be Filled With Challenges, That In The End Brings Out The Best In Us

I can say this year has been one full of challenges. I can't believe how when I thought I had my life all together BOOM there it was again CHANGE, and to make it unbearable I had to grow. Not only spiritually but emotionally, and I had to let go of my life as I knew it to live. I mean things that I was content with thinking made me who I was, that gave me a meaning and purpose. I always said I wanted to see, but I tell you to see things as they really are is not a happy place to be. Heart aches I could not see past over took me and I reverted back to old habits.. weed, beer and after I couldn't stand the smell and taste anymore, I was left with where do I go from here. What the hell am I doing, look at me this is so sad to see myself, letting people, places and things rip my soul apart to the point I am just what I hated. One that talks the talk and wont stand up and walk the walk. In a instance it came over me how much more I am than the things I thought, and the ones I loved, crumbs I beggged for, and excepted as a sad show of love and encouragement. The love that left me feeling empty inside and made a fool of me for caring. Now mind you this could be anything from a child, spouse, job etc. for anyone. As your world goes and changes please through the pain through the tears "HOLD ON TO JESUS UNCHANGING HAND" and I have to say when my soul was praying for me and my heart was crying out with no words spoken and wrong I was in the midst of doing. His power of grace and mercy swept me back into reality of worth and respect not for me but for Jehovah Jirah.. the FATHER and the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT and I just coildnt give up and more importantly I dont wont to live as if i have given up another day .. I feel like rejoicing in his love and celebrating my life with a smile that comes on my face from so far down inside of me. I just have to say "THANK YOU JESUS" he will take you out of your mess and renew your thinking, repair your heart and comfort you. We are stronger than we think we are, given a secret weapon- which is love)) oh I kknow you say yeah right ... but Love is the only thing that can conquer the darkest demons in your heart and in your mind. Not so much as love will please others.. I must love someone to be forgiven... NO!!! Love Is A Spirit, and without the spirit of Love In YOU- Your Untold Story Inside Of You Will Never Have The Chance To Be Heard!!! Yes, Love is alive and ready to melt down the strongest barriers that have you held you captive in Your Own Hell, YOUR OWN THINKING which has penetrated your heart, and keeps you feeling helpless and vulnerable to any and all attacks in a simple day, leaving you sitting somewhere at wits end wondering why. Love sets you FREE, It snaps you back into reality, Man, Woman or Child have a good cry. I teach my boys and girls cry the pain out .. cleanse your soul and then we can move on to joy. You Must let it out- face the pain, bare the hurt and know you are on your way to a life of PEACE and JOY that all the money , people in this world could have never given you. Forgiveness, Loves Buddy now can step in and fill you up even more and you'll look around one day and feel it .. I'm FREE!!! Of ever there is another dark day Be Your Own Inspiration, Remind yourself I don;t have to take or be bothered with that crap any more .. For me I said- I say- and I will always remember I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK Over There On HELL STREET. Listen, I Have disowned some, I have moved away from others ... to get out of a trap set to keep me discouraged, broke, unproductive and to steal my joyful spirit. Haters are gonna hate- wise up and know who is for you and who is working over time to keep you from ever achieving anything that will keep you filled with JOY, Not Happiness- JOY that comes ONLY from the Lord. Inspiration is a gift ... Be your own INSPIRATION whenever you find yourself out numbered... To be able to Inspire Your Own Dreams Broke Down on the side of life's road is one of your greatest asset Jesus has given you- When you look to your left, then you look to your right and no one is there but Jesus, and you feel alone and so very scared- remember Jesus has given you a secret weapon, USE IT!!!

Jesus Will Fix It, If You Will Let It Go

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